Sunday, July 12

June Favourties

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Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation:

This has always been one of my favourites and will always continue to be however I've been using this non stop recently. It makes me look so awake and gives that dewyness to my skin that I ever so desperately need. 

MAC Fix +:

This has been helping me keep my make up in place all day which is so essential now its hay fever season and I'm constantly rubbing around my nose and eyes. I've noticed such a huge difference. 

Simple Eye Roll-on:

As it is hay fever season this has been helping me even more- when my eyes are irritated and puffy I like to use this to cool them down a bit. I love the fact that its so cold too, its like a dream to apply, especially in the morning!

Essence Sun Club Bronzing Powder:

A new recent purchase that I never knew I would like so much. Its cheap and is such a pretty shimmery blush. It reminds me a lot of orgasm from NARS.

MAC Brave:

My most favourite lipsticks every, I wear this literally every single day. It complements any sort of make up and is just so easy to wear. 

Paige, x

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