Tuesday, July 7

Cheap Treat Tuesday

When looking through my make up collection powder is something that is seriously lacking; I have the odd powder bronzer but no actual powder for all over the face.  As you all know I love the dewy look however sometimes I do over do it a little- i.e. getting too happy with MAC Strobe Cream!

I was originally just going to pick up a Rimmel one however I came across this palette and thought why not, it surely cant be that bad! I got this for just under £5 which is such a bargain especially as it comes with six different shades!

I like this because it has the really pale shades all the way up to bronzing and contouring colours. So far I'm really loving this palette. I use the white to set my under eye concealer, the two middle shades for all over my face and the warm shades for bronzing. I love going in with an over sized powder brush and just giving my face some colour! For the price I didn't expect much especially in terms of pigmentation- but as usual I was wrong. A light hand really takes the product far and seeing as the pans are huge this is going to last me so long! 

I think this is a great palette for beginners, people who don't usually wear powder or just anyone in general! I personally don't think its worth paying well over double the price of this for the likes of an Anastasia one as this is honestly amazing!

Paige, x

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