Sunday, July 26

Real Techniques Haul

I've been really getting more into general face products recently and after purchasing a few new powders, blushers and highlighters I needed some brushes to go along with them! I was going to get some Zoeva ones but in the end I just decided to stick with Real Techniques!

I picked up the powder brush and two blush brushes. 

Powder Brush:
This brush is huge and great for powder as I feel like it can cover the whole face in just a few seconds. I've been using this for bronzing and even contouring too and it creates such a flawless finish as it distributes product so evenly and creates such a flawless look. I love how soft this brush is, I almost didn't want to stop applying product because it felt that nice on my face. I've washed this a few times now and had no sign of shredding so I'm genuinely happy about that! 

Blush Brush:
I got two of these brushes- one for blush and then for highlighter. For highlighter this is my favourite brush I've ever used as a quick swipe across the top of my cheeks gives the most prettiest glow that isn't too much nor too little. Again like the Powder brush it's incredibly soft and so gentle on the face. I like this as it doesn't pick up too much product so you can build your look up- instead of applying way to much product and then trying to tone it down! It blends well too so if you do go in a little heavy handed don't worry! This also hasn't shed yet either.

I would recommend both of these brushes as they're so soft and give the most airbrushed, flawless finish! 

Paige, x

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