Monday, July 6

LA Girl Pro Concealer

After watching Chloe (Glitteralittle on Youtube) mention these concealers that she uses for contouring and highlighting I wanted to have a closer look! I picked these up on eBay for only £3 each! 

When it comes to contouring and highlighting I feel like you can never have too many products in your collection! They're all so different and create completely different looks. my favourite being a slightly bronzed dewy look. Therefore to create this I like to use cream products! I picked these up in the shades Porcelain and Toast, which is the shades Chloe uses. 

For highlighting I purchased the shade Porcelain; which is extremely light however it works as it blends like a dream and just really brightens up the whole under eye area. With this I'm not sure if its just a one off but I feel like its quite hard to get the product out but when it does eventually its so creamy and the fact that only a small amount comes out means its so easy to work with and you can build it up if you want! I especially love the way that its dispersed through a brush too which means its so easy to just 'draw' on your face. I also use this on my forehead, chin and down my nose which is so handy especially with the brush!

Toast is the shade that I picked up for contouring; its just the right colour and doesn't have any orange undertones or show a 'muddy' effect. This blends so beautifully and really does create a bronzed glow. I think this is definitely my favourite way of contouring, its quick and does the job perfectly!

 I really like these concealers and want to try the green one next!

Paige, x

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