Tuesday, November 22

Aromand UK / Candle Review

Now my blogs had a makeover I really want to start branching out into other things so heres my first proper non beauty related post! When Aromand said they would send me out some candles and bits to review I didn't expect this gorgeous package. If I'm honest I'm quite boring when it comes to candles, I always go for the same scent and never look at any other brands than Yankee Candle however all that has now changed!

Aromand sent me a wide variety of different scents, things I would never even consider to smell never mind purchase them. Some of the scents I thought wouldn't work, were a bit of a strange combination or I just had never heard of them before such as Bergamot. However once I actually smelt them - OH MY GOD - I'm a Aromand candle convert! They are so fresh and just strong enough that you can actually smell them without being too over powering. 

First of all they sent me 2 Tea Light samples, the ones you can buy come in a really fancy glass jar! The first candle is in the scent Berry and Black Pepper which smells incredible, I didn't know what Black Pepper would smell likes but its nice thats for sure. This smells fruity yet really warm at the same time, its perfect for summer yet at the same time still perfect for winter. The second Tea Light is in the scent Lavender and Bergamot, when I seen what this was I really didn't want to smell it because anyone who knows me knows that I hate Lavender, its probably one of the worst scents in the world to me! But when I smelt this I was actually quite surprised, I don't know if its the combination or whether theres only a little bit of Lavender in this but this is actually my favourite out of the two. This one is incredibly fresh and perfect for when you want to relax or after you've just had a big spring clean! I personally think these Tea Lights would be great as a Stocking Filler! They both retail for £7.50

Secondly I was gifted the Canteloupe & Cucumber Room Mist which is hands down a firm favourite out of everything! This again is just the right level of how strong it smells, this scent is very fresh yet also has that sweetness to it. I usually spray 2-3 sprays of this around my room and I find the it lasts hours! I've also noticed that it has seeped into my curtains so now they always smell amazing! This is the 50ml size and it can be purchased for £10. 

Finally I kindly received the Lemongrass and Coconut Mini Tumbler Candle. This came packaged in the nicest box all tied up with ribbon, it was almost as if I didn't want to open it! Again for anyone who knows me my all time favourite scent is Coconut so this was actually like a dream come true. You can smell the coconut however because of the lemongrass its not sickly sweet but has more of a fresh scent. I feel like with all of these candles and sprays whatever scent you pick will have that really fresh scent to it which I really enjoy. This candle is priced at £12.

Overall I absolutely love everything, I love that the whole brand has a very luxurious feel to it making it great for giving the items as presents or just treating yourself to something really fancy! Everything is also handmade in Berkshire! If you want to buy anything or just have a little nosey at what else Aromand have to offer you can find them link down below. 

Paige, x

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