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Violet Voss x Holy Grail Palette | Review + Swatches

When this FINALLY came back in stock I've never got my purse out faster. I seen on the Beauty Bay Instagram that this was back and I was literally SO excited. 

For me I really have a bit of a love/ hate relationship with most palettes. I always find that there is too many creamy pale shades that literally barely show up, an inner corner highlight that isn't pigmented and too many washy cool shades. This on the other hand is right up my street and is just so, so pigmented! 

This palette is a little on the pricey side being £42 however you are getting 20 shadows for that. With this palette as well I can honestly see myself using all of the shades- which is very rare. The reason I decided to go with this rather than the ABH Modern Renaissance was purely because I would use all of the shades compared to roughly 6 or 7 in that palette. 

Like I said before this is incredibly pigmented and all of the photos I've included down below, on my Instagram and on my Snapchat really do it justice. All of the shades but mainly the shimmer colours are so buttery its ridiculous, I've never felt an eyeshadow like it before. And its also worth mentioning that theres no fall out, both in the pan and on the face!

First Row

This row didn't photograph too well but don't let that put you off. The first shade -Crystal- is now my all time favourite inner corner highlight. Most shades I use make my eyes look really dry and almost crusty- yuck, plus they don't even do anything. This on the other hand is almost holographic and really brightens that area up, I feel like you can actually see I have something there now! The second shimmer on this row is the perfect pale pink/ champagne shade for all over the lid and this colour literally makes me feel like a princess. 

As for the mattes in this row these are great for the start of the eye look. Firstly I go in with Thanks A Latte which I use to set my primer and then I go in with one of the orange toned shades as a transition colour.

Second Row

This row is where things start to get a bit more fun because more of the shimmers are introduced! Awesome Sauce is a gorgeous coppery golden shade which looks incredible on the centre of the lid. I find that the shade Bestie is really handy for blending out the shimmers making it look less harsh. 

Toffee is one of my all time favourites in this palette, theres nothing better than having a really pigmented true gold and this is exactly what this is. This also just screams Christmas and New Year to me too. The shade next to that, Chill, is again a shimmer but has a different consistency than the others. Its not as buttery or as pigmented as you can see down below however its as if its meant to be. I still think this is stunning and I tend to use it when I only want a wash of shimmer. The last shade on this row is How U Doin which is an incredible true copper/ rust. 

Third Row

This is probably my favourite row, I mean just look at them first three shades!! Bat my eyes is my single most favourite shade as its a brown shimmer with a hint of gold. This is my go to shade when I want something that will look 100% AMAZE. Cool Beans again is one of my favourites, this one however is more gold than brown and it looks incredible on the centre of the lid. 

So Jelly the light shimmery pink is the only one which I don't think I would use in the whole palette however someone said it was a great highlighter so I'm going to try that!

Fourth Row

This is the darkest and most berry toned out of the whole palette. My favourite in this row definitley has to be Cranberry Splash, its a beautiful cranberry -obviously- warm shade with a tiny bit of gold in it. Other than Glamping which has a different formula like before all of the other shades are mattes and are dark enough for the outer v. 

Although this palette doesn't have a black that isn't something I would use so this palette is pretty perfect for me! Its also great for traveling as its slim, lightweight and has everything I could ever need.

Whats your favourite palette?

Paige, x

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