Monday, November 21

Stocking Filler Ideas

When it comes to stocking fillers and little bits and bobs I'm always useless so I thought I would put together this collection of present ideas that any girl would be happy to have. All of these items are drugstore and really inexpensive so great for Secret Santa or gifts for a new friend. 

L'oreal Lumi Magique Primer

When it comes to winter personally I'm all about that glow purely because of how rubbish my skin gets with this cold wether. This is a great gift because A; its a primer and B; its so glowy and every girl is about that life! This will not only keep makeup on for longer, create a nicer base for makeup but also make that dewy skin look.

NYX Lip Lingerie

This is a liquid lipstick and every girl NEEDS as many liquid lippies as possible in her makeup bag. Theres plenty of shades from nudes to darks so there is literally something for everyone.

MUR Goddess of Love Highlighter

This is something else that comes in lots of different shades from gold to peach, its also such a huge size for a really incredible price. No girl would be disappointed with this gift and with the pigmentation this has I'd definitely have this high up on your list. 

W7 Midsummer Nights Palette

This bad boy is around the £3 mark and if she loves eyeshadow she's bound to love this. This seriously looks like a MAC palette and if that isn't reason enough I'd also say it was better. It's also great for Christmas as the shades are really warm and sparkly. 

MUR Powder Brush

I don't think anyone can have too many brushes in their collection so you can't go wrong with this gift. This is the most expensive at £9.99 so again its great for the likes of Secret Santa. Plus its rose gold and who doesn't love rose gold?! 

What other gifts do you think are great for stocking fillers? 

Paige, x

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