Tuesday, November 15

3 Christmas Perfumes

Ahh my first proper Christmas post of the year! I wanted to do more of these types of posts this year just to add a different element to my blog in terms of not only the content but the photography too. I've been out and bought lots of winter themed props and backgrounds so I hope you all enjoy them! 

This year I wanted to start off by talking about one of the most popular christmas gifts, perfume. To me perfume is such an easy gift and when someone asks me what I want I just say perfume as its easy for them to buy and to pick one and I'll love it. So, I thought I would pick my 3 favourite perfumes that you could either gift to someone else or ask for for yourself! 

YSL Black Opium 

This is probably my all time favourite fragrance, so much so that I refuse to wear it incase it runs out! As you can imagine this isn't on the low side of price ranges however it is usually on offer! As of right now you can buy the 50ml EDP for £50 which is actually really, really good. This also comes as part of a giftset! 

The smell of this is really feminine yet mysterious and sexy. Whenever I wear this I literally feel amazing and that I can do anything! To describe the smell I would say I can smell vanilla, coffee and a tiny bit of floral. I'm not making it sound amazing but it really is, its also super popular and I don't know anybody that doesn't like it. 

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Woman Pink

To me this is a fragrance that everyone will love- I'm on to my third bottle of this now and I get it every Christmas. When I worked for Boots this is the perfume I'd recommend to teenagers, adults and even the elderly who wanted something young, girly and fun smelling. This is on offer for £30.10 for a 50ml bottle. 

This only comes in ODT however unlike many others this is really strong and long lasting. As for the smell this literally smells how you would imagine the colour pink to smell, floral and fruity. I don't like either of them scents however in this they just work. 

Burberry Body

This perfume is probably the nicest and most luxurious.. I mean its Burberry?! For a start the bottle is just gorgeous and its not even that expensive either. Its usually £55+ however its no longer being sold  at Boots which means you can now find it cheaper online! It's actually only £22.95 for a EDP 60ml! and it even comes with free delivery!

This is quite an unusual scent and not something I would usually go for but now I have I'd definitely check out similar scents. This mainly smells subtly of floral however I can also smell vanilla and amber. Its just a really warm, classy scent that I think the more mature woman would love. If they have the likes of Chanel in their collection they're sure to love this!

What is your favourite perfume?

Paige, x 

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