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Freedom Priming Water | Review

If you know me you know that Makeup Revolution and Freedom Makeup are my all time favourite brands from the drugstore, so as you can imagine this was quite high up on my wishlist. 

If you follow the makeup world you'll know that Smashbox were the first to come out with a Priming Water and it was so innovative and different so when Freedom launched their 'dupe' I just had to get my hands on it. Unfortunately every time I went to purchase it it was out of stock but now I've finally got it I've been testing it out for a few weeks so I can finally give you my review. 

The Priming Water is priced at £6 which is incredible as the Smashbox version retails for £20! It's only available on the TAM website or you can purchase it from Superdrug. I actually got this online from Superdrug and went with the click and collect option so I didn't have to pay anything for delivery! I can honestly say that the wait for this killed me- I was SO excited to try it! 

I love the packaging of this and all of the Pro Studio range for that matter. The clear bottle tied with the metallic silver wrap makes it look and feel so much more expensive. It really does look like a professional product within my collection. I even prefer the look of this to the likes of MAC Fix +. The only thing I have to mention about the packaging is that make sure the whole lid is screwed on properly -not just the cap- because mine wasn't and it leaked a little bit. It wasn't a big deal and it was my own fault anyway!

Now lets talk about the actual product- does it work? YES. 

100% this actually works! I spray this only before my makeup, not over it as I'm scared it will go patchy but this creates such a flawless base for makeup application. Currently my skin is quite dry so I'm not sure how well this would work if you have oily skin. 

This instantly hydrates my skin and makes my foundation and concealer go on so effortlessly and seamlessly. My undereye area is so dry and my makeup usually creases and looks cakey, however when I use this it looks so radiant and creamy and not dry at all. 

As for longevity of my makeup I've noticed that not only does this keep it on for longer but it keeps it looking exactly the same as when I first applied it; fresh and smooth looking. This contains Glycerin which basically makes things stick - so if you do doubt this product just look at its ingredients because its proof that it does what it says on the tin.. or bottle! 

My all time favourite thing about this product is the smell.. its hard to describe but it smells like vanilla which I'm all for. 

To wrap this up, all I can say is expect to see this in many favourites and an empties because I know I'm going to get my use out of this and finish it quite quickly! 

Paige, x

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