Thursday, August 18


This post seriously needed the title to be in capitals. 

Since I'm heading into my third and final year of uni (thank god for that, ey?) I feel like I've finally found my way and therefore have a few helpful tips that could help! Most of these tips are more study related but hey ho don't drink too much I guess!

1. Printables. I think this is easily the most important and it goes hand in hand with the next tip. If you google free student printables there are so many to choose from; my idea is that if you print these and stick them at the beginning of all your files and folders you won't get flustered and will know exactly whats happening and where. Theres plenty to choose from including weekly planners, to do lists and assignment trackers.

2. Start early. Everyone who doesn't wishes they did, including me. If you start your research months before its due and make a plan and keep notes then you won't end up stressed that the deadline is approaching. 

3. Drink water. There were so many times I had a headache and this teamed with stress and tears really doesn't help. Make sure you drink plenty of water both throughout the day and whilst your studying, especially if your on the computer. 

4. Bring your own food & water. Cafes at uni are bloody expensive as they're all Costa's and known branded eateries so bring your own. This way you can cut costs whilst also watching what your eating and maybe being a bit more healthier if thats what your aiming for! 

5. Stationery. For stationery I suggest having a small notepad with dividers in which you can jot day to day notes in however for each subject I think having a A4 notepad/ folder is the best way to go about organising your work. It means that when your revising for 1 subject everythings all together and in the same place without work from other subjects getting mixed in. -Its also worth getting 5 million plastic wallets as the amount of hand outs you get is ridiculous!-

If you have any tips please tweet me or comment down below as I still need all the help I can get myself!

Paige, x
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