Tuesday, August 2

American beauty brands you need to try!

When buying makeup thats not readily available in the UK its quite a big risk, with no swatches available and judging from pictures online its quite a hard decision to choose what to buy. 

I thought I would round up some of my favourite brands that you 100% have to try!

Too Faced

This is hands down my favourite makeup brand and if you've never tried anything then you seriously need to pop over to Debenhams! They're products are raved about for a reason.. and not just because they smell like chocolate! Each product I've tried wether that is the eyeshadows, bronzers or melted lipsticks are so insanely pigmented. There is no fall out with the shadows and everything is just gorgeous! 


This is a way more affordable brand than Too Faced however the quality is still right up there. As they now have a UK site its well worth going over and having a look at everything. I mean if the packaging and design of the products isn't enough to sell them then what is?! My favourites are definitely the blushers!

Jeffree Star

I haven't tried much from this brand but what I have tried -the liquid lipsticks- I've loved! The formula is unlike anything I've tried, they are thin and not drying at all! I love this shade 'I'm nude' as its perfect to mix with any other lipsticks. 


Another brand that is now available in the UK is Colourpop. This just like Milani is super affordable yet the quality of the products are insane! I've only tried lip products from this brand but I'd love to try their eyeshadows and highlighters! The liquid lipsticks are amazing and the colour choice means theres something for everyone. My favourite product however are the lippie stix, if you want a creamy and pigmented lipstick then these are for you! 

Anastasia Beverly Hills

About a month ago there would of been no way I would of included ABH or even recommended it to anybody because I'd tried the products once and stubbonly made up my mind that I hated them. Now after trying them out properly I can say that infact I love them! The contour kit is amazing, you do need an oil with it which I mentioned in my post here. My favourite product is the illuminator in Riviera which is the most stunning pink highlighter I've ever seen. If theres one product you pick up from this whole post it has to be this! 


The last brand is again another affordable one that can be now found in Boots! I've tried quite a lot from the brand including eyeshadow sticks, bronzers, makeup brushes and of course the liquid lipsticks. These are some of my favourite liquid lipsticks and the colour selection (especially the nudes) just screams to me! I'd definitely go and have a look at what they have to offer! 

Paige, x

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