Monday, July 18

3 Lash Styles I Need To Brave

When Nouveau sent me an amazing lash package filled with so many lashes I was so excited but also really scared at the same time. If you know me I'm a total lash newbie and I'm also not very good at applying them. I have used a few of the more natural and wispy style of lashes but I thought I'd share the ones that I really want to be brave and try!

The frist style is Natural Style 4; these are stunning because their long and natural while still being fluttery at the same time. With these the only thing that worries me is the length and them resting on my actual eyebrow when my eyes are open so we will have to see! 

Again these are another natural pair and these are in the style Natural Style 2. These are a little bit less natural than style 4 however I personally think their more fluttery and girly. These will also probably me more noticeable however they look like they will blend really easily with your own lashes which is always a plus!

The final style of lashes are Volume Style 2. These lashes are so out there and daring for me so these are the ones I'm the most scared to try! I love that with all these lashes that no matter what style they're still really fluttery and girly which is exactly what I look for in a pair of lashes! 

I also thought I would mention that they do come with a little mini of their infamous Ultra Bond Strip Lash Adhesive which is my all time favourite lash glue! If you want to see me wear any of these add me on my Snapchat where I usually go through my makeup and what I'm wearing product wise - my username is thefashionwayx 

Paige, x

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