Sunday, June 26

The Eyelashes You NEED To Try

For me, even though I'm affiliated with 2 eyelash companies I still struggle with finding the perfect lash and actually being able to apply it. My favourites so far are the Nouveau natural lashes in the style 3 however these now have serious competition. 

What I like to look for in a pair of eyelashes is 1. The band, this has to be ideally the correct length so I don't need to trim it and for it to be flexible and unnoticeable. 2. The length of the actual eyelash must be more on the natural side as they tend to always touch my eyebrow which does not look good! And finally 3. Must be more on the natural and wispy side. 

While in my local Poundland I always look to see if they have any hidden gems and this time they did! I picked up a pair of these Revlon Intensifeye lashes in the style 'Define' for only £1. My hopes weren't set that high but I was still super excited to try them! 

These are really natural looking and sort of wispy which is just up my street. I don't really look for length necessarily with lashes as I just like my eyes to be more defined. When I wore these I immediately fell in love, they are so easy to apply its ridiculous! The band is very long which is great as it means I won't get glue all over like I usually do! 

After wearing them a few times I went back in and stocked up and if I ever see them again I certainly will! 

Paige, x

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