Sunday, July 10

4 Ways To Use A Facial Oil

While having dry and dehydrated skin I thought I would finally get round to buying a facial oil, not only do these provide moisture to the skin but also your favourite products! I have 4 ways in which you can use your facial oil to make life a bit easier!

1. General facial hydration - The first way is the sole purpose of the oil; to moisturise and hydrate the skin. I use a moisturiser but felt like it wasn't enough hence my reasoning behind buying an oil. 

2. Add it to any dry creams - For me theres nothing worse than trying to conceal, highlight or contour with a cream that drags across your skin. Add a bit of oil to it and it transforms it! On the swatches below the left shade has oil mixed to it whereas the right does not.. can you tell how drying that is?!

3. Use it with a beauty sponge - When you've got your cream highlight and contour all drawn out add some oil straight to your wet sponge and everything will literally melt into the skin and blend so dreamily together. 

4. Add it to foundation - This foundation really shows my dry patches and drags across the skin ever so slightly but when mixed with a facial oil it looks so much more glowy and healthier. It also works even better with a beauty sponge too! 

Paige, x

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