Monday, June 6

Beauty Products I'd Repurchase

Revlon Colorstay Foundation 

This is my holy grail go to foundation. If you get oily this is your best friend! It looks so flawless and really does keep me matte throughout the day. I absolutely love that this is my perfect match and with the drugstore price I couldn't not repurchase it.

LA Girl Pro Conceal Concealer

This was one of my first and most popular Cheap Treat Tuesday posts which I no longer do. This is such a good budget concealer and teamed with the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer this is a duo not to be missed. Its so light and creamy but also hydrating, hence the mixture with the Collection one. You can pick this up for less than £3 so I really need to get round and order another one!

MAC Velvet Teddy/ Half N Half Lipstick

These are two of my all time favourite lipsticks. They are literally fool proof and can be worn day to day or for more fancier occasions. Both of them are nudes too so can be paired with any eye combination or outfit. Every girl needs a matte nude and a glossy one! 

Freedom Brow Pomade

If you love the ABH brow pomade you need this in your life. This literally has lasted me so long and hasn't dried out, plus its actually the best out of the two! With this only being around £5 I don't even need to hesitate when mine runs out.

Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights 

You will have seen this product mentioned before on my channel and I literally haven't been able to put it down since it arrived. If your into 'holographic' style highlighters these are the ones for you. They are so pigmented its ridiculous and I know I'll repurchase these as I practically use them daily! 

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation 

This foundation is again a holy grail item in my collection. Like the name suggests this literally looks like skin and gives such a gorgeous finish. With all the added extras this has in which are actually beneficial I just feel like I want to scream about how great this actually is! When this runs out I can guarantee Debenhams will be expecting me. 

MAC Strobe Cream 

In all honestly this isn't a product that I use very often however I feel confident knowing that I have this in my collection. If I'm having a particularly dry skin day this is what I opt for so when I eventually do use this up I'll be picking it up again just maybe in a travel size version! 

Paige, x

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