Sunday, April 10

Soap & Glory / One Heck Of A Blot Primer

As soon as this was released I was at that weird skin changing moment where I went from being really dry to suddenly really oily. This was on an introductory offer and honestly that was the only reason I picked it up. However now I literally can't live without this, especially on my more oilier days. 

This was the second S&G makeup product that I'd ever picked up so I was quite interested to see if any of the other products were any good. This comes with 30ml of product and comes in a squeeze tube which I like better than a pump. I love the packaging how its a matte off pink colour with typical girly S&G touches. 

So this product claims that it has a 12 hour shine block and also shrinks pores. I'm not so sure about 12 hours, maybe more like 5 but its nothing that a quick powder touch up can't fix. I do however agree with the pore shrinking technology; I don't really have huge pores but the pores that are most visible either side of my nose really do get hidden and filled in. 

I only use this generally in my T-Zone so I can't say whether or not this keeps your makeup on for longer however somethings telling me that it won't as thats not what its specifically used for. 

The texture of this is really nice too, its sort of like a creamy gel consistency. Theres nothing more I hate than those silicone based primers so this is really lovely. You also get so much and a little goes a long way so if you suffer with oily skin I'd definitely suggest picking this up! 

Paige, x 

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