Wednesday, April 6

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor

If you follow brands on social media you know how annoying it is when they release a product in the US and not in the UK. I had seen these floating around Instagram and I wanted to try them out so bad! I'd even looked on eBay but I couldn't really find anything - or for cheap anyway! But then a countdown appeared when these were going to be coming to the UK and I was literally so excited I ordered from online as soon as they hit Superdrug just incase I missed them!

I picked up the colour Seduction which is a gorgeous pink toned nude, perfect for everyday wear. I believe this was the most nude shade out of the collection with a relatively bright pink being the next shade up. I thought I would get this one as I would never wear anything too pink or bright. 

I love the packaging on this, its so different to any liquid lipstick I've seen and its not usually my sort of thing but I really do like it! I love the rounded tube with silver lid, typical drugstore! And don't you think it just screams American? Do you know what I mean? With the touch of frosted packaging this also makes it look that tad more expensive too!

The applicator for this lipstick is just stunning, its just such the perfect shape! Its flat enough to carve out the lips and fill them in yet pointy enough to get to that cupids bow. I think I like this more than the NYX and Jeffree Starr applicators just because theres something more too it. I like the thickness of this too because it feels a lot sturdier and like its less likely to accidently slip all around your lips. 

I really love the colour of this, its similar yet different to anything I own. Its a lovely nudey pink that looks soft and girly enough for everyday but also glam enough for nighttime too. The consistency of this is thin but not as thin as the NYX lingerie liquid lipsticks. With the formula for this I would say this is the best liquid lipstick formula I've come across. It applies like a gloss (as you can see from the swatches below) however then dries to a creamy matte formula. Its not drying like most as I feel like it sits just on top of the lips and doesn't stick to them. 

The last thing I just have to mention is the smell! This smells so sweet and cake like that I sometimes just apply it because I like to smell it! 

Paige, x

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