Monday, April 11

B. Radiant BB Under Eye Concealer

You all know I love a good old highlighting concealer and this my friends my just be one of my favourites. This is the B. Radiant BB Under Eye Concealer.. what a mouthful! B. is a brand that can only be found in Superdrug and I was quite interested to see the types of product they sold. Granted most of them are slightly on the pricier drugstore stand this was not. 

Its also great to take note that this brand is cruelty free, vegan and also paraben free too.

I picked this concealer up while it was on offer and I'm sure it wasn't anymore than £5. The reason I initially grabbed this at first is because it really reminded me of the MAC Prep + Prime pen which I've sadly lost (cry!). 

The brush type applicator is something I quite like, although it isn't that sanitary, as you can clearly see. I do find that I use a lot of product with this type of applicator but I like it better than a hard wand. 

The concealer is very light in consistency which is great as I feel like it doesn't feel too heavy on the skin. The coverage is really good too and as it has them brightening properties it really does hide them bags. My favourite way of blending this out is actually with my finger like I've done below. As you can see it really is glowy and really healthy looking which is exactly what I look for in a concealer. 

This is in the shade light which is kind of yellow tones however I feel like this counteracts my dark circles perfectly. 

I really can't wait to try more from the range; what are your favourite B. products?

Paige, x

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