Tuesday, April 12

Benefit / Dandelion Shy Beam

Being the true YouTube junkie that I am after seeing so many tutorials using a mini Benefit Shy Beam I was so excited to hear they were releasing it full size. I was however a little disappointed when it arrived as it was an off pink colour when I thought it would be more on the white side however nevertheless I've come to love it! 

This is my 4th liquid beam/ tint product to add to my collection and although I don't use the ones in my collection very much anymore I still really do like them and think their amazing products. These sort of tints and beams are perfect for the spring/ summer time so I can't wait to break them all out again. 

Anyway, this is Shy Beam, one of Benefit's latest launches. Its a matte baby pink liquid highlighter. This is something that I've never came across before but the packaging alone sold me on it! Just look how gorgeous it is! This is Benefit down to a T, the cute sort of metal pink container embossed with dandelions and studded detail - so cute! 

This like any other Benefit tint or beam comes with a sort of nail polish applicator. Its a brush so you can delicately place this onto your face to create a really subtle but buildable effect. I like this more than a cream because its more precise and you use less product and I also like it more than a stick like the What's Up Highlighter as its not as intense and chalky looking. 

The actual product is a thin to medium consistency and is almost a light salmon pink shade. You can use this over the top of concealer to brighten the under eye area or to place it around the tops of the cheek bones, cupids bow and brow bone. With this being matte its perfect because your not struggling with the 'too much glitter' problem. 

I also find that when I layer this up when I'm not using concealer it doesn't sink into any fine lines, look cakey or patchy. I think this looks best blended in with either your fingertips of a beauty sponge because I find that with a brush it sort of slides the product around and creates brush lines. 

Overall I can't wait to start using this more now its getting a bit warmer!

Paige, x

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