Sunday, April 3

Makeup Revolution / Ultra Contour Palette

Contour is still all the rage right now so I thought I would try this palette from MUR to try out a variety of their products. I ordered this from their website and it was £8 (although I can now only find this on Superdrug!) 

What I like most about this palette is the fact it has everything you need all in one place! You can set your concealer. bronze up, contour and then highlight all out of one product. This makes it especially handy for traveling and with its slim packaging it barely takes up any space!

Talking about packaging this has the typical Makeup Revolution black, sleek compact with huge full size mirror. This is great for a budget brand as usually most products tend to come in ugly and bulky packaging! 

I was really pleasantly surprised by this palette - not to say I'd heard bad things because I've actually heard nothing but great things about this and that apparently its an ABH contour kit dupe! 

All of the shades are insanely pigmented and almost creamy in texture. They glide onto the skin so effortlessly and no matter if I'm wearing a matte or dewy foundation they never apply patchy or streaky. 

The top row consists mainly of setting powders and a highlighter. 

The first shade is a matte almost colourless setting powder that I usually use all over my face. I then use the matte banana shade for under my eyes and then sometimes I'll go in with the third shade which actually has a little bit of shimmer running throughout. You can use this as a highlighter if the other two are too out of your comfort zones of in specific places such as under your eyes. The final shade is a stark white shimmer highlighter; for me this is very out there but I think with a light hand this will look perfect lightly swept onto the brow bone or inner corner. 

The bottom row has 3 contour/ sculpting powders and then a highlighter.

The first and third powder I use for bronzing as their more warm toned than the middle shade. They're both matte and apply so flawlessly. I then go in with the middle shade to contour the hollows of my cheekbones and my temples. I sometimes run this down my nose and it never looks too ashy which is great! Finally in this palette we have the star of the show- the highlighter. This is so similar to MAC's soft and gentle but has less of the chunky glitter which I actually prefer!

Overall this is my favourite Contour/ Highlight palette that I've ever tried! If you want to see this in action don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for an upcoming Get Ready With Me!

Paige, x

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