Monday, February 1

The Balm Highlighter palette

The Balm is a company thats well know for its highlighters - especially the Mary-Lou Manizer. I loved mine so much but it sadly shattered; I will at some point fix it with rubbing alcohol but in the meantime I picked this up! I got this on Feel Unique and it had 10% off!

I had seen Kathleen Lights talk about this but I didn't expect that it would be available in the UK. 

This palette is really great if your new to makeup, highlighters or The Balm in general! Its also a great way to try out products you never would of used otherwise- like Cindy and Betty. 

I did pick this up mainly for Mary-Lou but I've actually been obsessed with Cindy-Lou. For those of you who watch my YouTube videos for christmas I got the MAC mineralise blush in Warm Soul but I'm a little bit disappointed that its not very pigmented. I tried this as a blush topper and it creates this stunning shimmery rose effect. It makes me look so glowy and gives a really girly and feminine feel and looks exactly like the MAC blush! 

On days when I don't wear that I religiously wear Cindy-Lou on the tops of my cheeks, brow bone and inner corner for that infamous highlighted look. 

The only shade I'm yet to try is Betty-Lou. I think this will look amazing over the top of bronzer or on holiday to give that golden goddess look! 

I really love this palette and would definitely recommend it! Even if you have Cindy-Lou this is so easy to take traveling as its small, compact and gives you 3 different shades. These could also be teamed up and used as eyeshadows! 

Paige, x

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