Sunday, February 21

Freedom Brush Bath

Seeing as my latest video was a Makeup Revolution Haul (watch here) I decided to stick to another drugstore themed product for this post! Just like Makeup Revolution I absolutely love the brand Freedom- I'm not too sure whether these are sister companies or not but they're both equally amazing.

I picked up this Brush Bath from their pro studio range so keep reading to find out my thoughts!

Im going to be honest and let you all know that I never wash my brushes.. like never. I know its disgusting and I should do it more so hopefully with this I can! You'll be able to see from the pictures below how well this really works and for the affordable price of only £7! I like the idea that its something different in terms of being a solid as I think its easier to use than a liquid and you can get way more use out of it!

I've literally just washed my brushes so I could give a full in depth review and I can say this is like magic! This is so unbelievably easy so if you don't have time to wash your brushes or are just lazy like me then this is perfect for you!

I just wet my brush and swirl it round in the cleaner- this way it gets most of the product off. I then swirl it round on the palm of my hand and then turn the water on. I still swirl it round but at this point the product is pretty much all out so I then concentrate of squeezing the remainder of the soap out.

This also smells lovely too, it has that really fresh and clean smell which I'm all for! I like the fact that on the packaging this also says its sanitising.

Overall I think this is amazing and you can see how dirty the soap is after all my brushes have been cleaned; don't worry though just run it under the tap and all the messy gunk will be gone. This worked that well and was so quick to do I definitely will be cleaning my brushes more often!

Paige, x
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