Sunday, December 6

No7 Pore Purifier // Review

I recently picked up some bits from No7 but I love this product so much it had to have its own dedicated post! 

This is the No7 Pore Purifier and its basically just a blackhead treatment! This retails for £12 and is usually on the 3 for 2 offer.


I absolutely love the idea of this. I've tried strips and scrubs in the past but I've never seen anything like this. The tube has a twistable applicator that can be turned on or off to release product. This just makes things a lot easier and less messy as it only needs rinsing off when done.


So this is actually a cleanser specifically targeted to deeply cleanse out those horrible blackheads and to purify your pores as the name suggests. This exfoliates with the applicator and just unclogs your pores on your nose, forehead and chin. This dissolves all those nastys and lifts them out of the pore. What I especially love about this is that it tightens pores and removes excess oils- hurray! 

I've noticed such a huge difference after I've been using it and would 100% recommend this!

Paige, x
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