Tuesday, December 8

Cheap Treat Tuesday // Freedom Make Up

Freedom make up is brand that I'm quite aware with, especially as I do these Cheap Treat Tuesday posts. They're a budget beauty brand - a lot like Make Up Revolution - who are well known for their incredible product dupes!

After hearing about this and that they sold a Brow Duo Powder very similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills one I decided this would be my gateway into trying not only something I've had my eye on for a while but also a new brand. I ordered it in Dark Brown however they sent out a Brow Pomade by accident, which I didn't complain about as they kindly sent me a Brow Duo out too. Luckily for me the Pomade was in Dark Brown so I essentially got 2 products for the price of 1!

Duo Powder

This retails at £4 and comes with two brow powder shades, a darker one for the front of your brow and a lighter shade for the middle section and the tail - although I do that the other way around. This is available in 10 shades so theres something out there for everyone! I love this as its just something different to a gel like consistency which I usually use. It's very easy to work with and doesn't feel as thick as the Pomade. Its also great for a "no makeup makeup day". 


This retails for £5 and is absolutely identical to the ABH version. A thick gel like consistency leaves this staying on all day. I personally feel like with this a brow gel isn't necessary as this is seemingly bulletproof. If your into the whole sleek, HD brows sort of look then this is definitely for you! I would definitely buy this and have a mess around with it before you spend an extra £10 on something exactly the same. This comes in 11 shades to suit all skin tones and hair colours. 

Paige, x 

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