Monday, September 21

Products not worth the hype

The blogging and YouTube community is so big now that I find that when one person says that a product is great everybody seems to rush out and get it.. including me. Most of the time you can rely on their opinion but sometimes you get the product and its such a let down and not something you would have ever bought if you were looking at it on a make up counter yourself. 

Here are the products that I personally don't think are worth it.

Younique 3D Fibre Lash Mascara:

You can read my review all about this here. I was actually sent this mascara package to review and I was honestly so excited and I had very high hopes however this didn't create the effect that all the presenters make out. It clumped my lashes and made them look awful, the little fibres also got in my eyes which is so dangerous so therefore I was actually quite scared and hesitant to use this again. It also doesn't help that they smell disgusting and although the smell does disappear its still not nice when you're applying it. For the hefty price tag and lengthy delivery time I wouldn't bother with this and there's now quite a lot of similar products on the market that are probably a lot cheaper and are virtually the same thing if not better. 

NARS Orgasm Blusher:

This is so raved about and I honestly don't know why. Yes it looks gorgeous and the packaging is just so dreamy but the product is such a let down. It's not very pigmented at all and the more you try to build it up it appears your just getting the glitter and not the pink colour. There are plenty of dupes of this including products from Sleek which are less than half the price of this.

MAC Naked Lunch & All That Glitters:

These eyeshadows were amongst the first MAC ones I ever bought and while I do still like them they just aren't worth it, there are so many nicer and more pigmented shadows out there to buy. I personally think the likes of MUG and Bobbi Brown are way better. As you can see from the swatches (Naked Lunch, NARS blusher, All That Glitters) they're barely noticeable. If you are going to buy some shadows from MAC make sure they're not these.

MAC Prep + Prime:

I got this with high hopes and in the shade Light Boost. I've also done a full blog post dedicated to how this isn't worth the money- or in other words a review here. This isn't as highlighting as I wanted it to be and I personally think that drugstore alternatives. If you have dry patches beware of this as it just shows them more.

Maybelline Eraser Concealer:

It seems like every blogger raves about this but I just don't understand why. It's so full coverage it may as well be a foundation so I find that it's way too thick for under the eyes. This also doesn't highlight or brighten like I would usually like my concealer to do. The colour range is rubbish too with the lighter shade always being sold out, however judging by this I think the lighter shade will still be way too dark. I like the MUA concealer stick way more than this and that's only a few pounds. 

What do you think of these products? Do you think they are worth the hype?

Paige, x

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