Sunday, September 20

Haul // Make Up Revolution

As my love for MUA is quite known I get told all the time that I should try the brand Make Up Revolution, a similar brand in terms of great quality products for very little prices. So I went to the website and chose a few goodies! 

I'll be doing single reviews of each of the products in the weeks to come so no swatches will be on this post as its just a haul to show you what I've bought!

Ultra Eyeshadows - Flawless Matte:

Matte eyeshadows are so easy to wear, especially throughout the day when I'm just going to uni and don't want to put a lot of effort into my eye make up. I have palettes with matte shaddows in but I wanted something with only matte shades and something that wasn't as bulky - compared to my 100+ colour palettes. I also wanted purely neutral shades such as creams, browns, muted pinks and blacks and this palette offered all of what I was looking for. 

There are 32 shades all together and although some of them may look the same when swatched they are completely different. My favourite shades would have to be Rosewood, Wood and Earth. These are so pigmented too and leave no fallout which is great! I'm really pleasantly surprised by how good this is!

Triple Baked Blusher - 

I wanted to use this as a blusher and highlighter in one to give a gorgeous pinky glow to my cheeks. I'm so happy I picked this up after hearing so much about it, just look how cute it is! When using this on a brush its not too pigmented which I actually really like because I would rather build up the look I want rather than just have bright pink glittery cheeks! I'm so excited to show you all swatches of this!

The Matte Blush - Naked:

I don't really have many blushers that are 'nude' as their all very bright pinks or more on the berry side. I wanted something with little colour just to add when I'm feeling a bit bare after I've contoured and this will do the job perfectly. This is extremely pigmented so you have to use a really light hand but that's only a good thing right? This will last me forever.

What would you recommend from Make Up Revolution?

Paige, x

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