Sunday, September 13

MAC Lipstick Collection

MAC lipsticks are my weakness in life, I'm constantly watching videos and reading blog posts about other girls collections and making a list of everything I want. Once in a while I'll go down my list and make a purchase and its probably one of the most exciting things to do. I mainly own mauve/ pink shades and my favourite finish is either Satin or Matte. 

Flamingo - Lustre

This was bought on a whim as its something very different to what I usually go for. This is definitely more of a 'brave' shade and would only look acceptable in summer or on holiday I personally think! This is a light coral shade verging on orange and is very sheer however when trying to build the colour up it goes patchy and clings to any cracks in the lips.

Pure Zen - Cremesheen

This is a lovely light pink/ nude. It looks great with a brown toned lip liner to create that 90's lip. However like Flamingo this clings to any cracks or dry areas on the lips so cant really be layered. 

Brave - Satin

This is such a wearable shade for everyone, its like your lips but better and isn't too in your face. Although the swatch doesn't show it its actually a very muted pink. 

Faux - Satin

This is very similar to Brave however has a look more of Snob with that blue/ purple undertone. This is still such a lovely wearable shade and isn't too over powering like I find Snob is. 

Twig - Satin

Twig is more of a darker more berry toned pink, like your lips but darker. Its not as bold as a red lip but it still stands out. You can wear this either day or night and it won't look stupid or out of place.

Pink Plaid - Matte 

This has more of a bubblegum pink look, with lots of blue undertones. Pink Plaid is very similar to Snob but sadly this is way too dry for me and I've only worn it a handful of times. 

Whirl - Matte

Whirl is completely different to anything in my collection, it has sort of a brick red appearance yet on the lips its more brown toned. This is extremely wearable and doesn't stand out as much as you'd think making it perfect for everyday wear. 

Velvet Teddy - Matte

The iconic Kylie Jenner shade! This a nude with a hint of orange however it goes on slightly brown on the lips which is so in right now. Suits everyone and every skin colour.

Mehr - Matte

This is very similar to Twig but is more of a bold pink. Although even though this is bold it doesn't look to 'out there' or noticeable. 

Do you have any MAC lipstick recommendations?

Paige, x

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