Monday, September 28

Love/ Hate tag

As you may of seen I occasionally take part in tags as I love that it lets you get to know fellow bloggers and for them and your readers to get to know you so when I was tagged by Emily -blog here- I couldn't wait to start typing this up!

The rules are to create a list of 10 things you love and 10 things you hate. After you've finished you have to tag 10 fellow bloggers to complete the tag.


1. Food - Now this is obviously number one. I wish that I was naturally skinny so that I could eat to my hearts content.. sadly that isn't the cake.. I mean case. 

2. Dogs - I had a very deprived childhood of growing up without any animals (cry), every Christmas and birthday I would secretly hope there would be a puppy tied up in ribbon but there never was (cry harder). I cant walk past a dog without going 'AWWWW I WANT ONE'. I'm quite obsessed.

3. Make up - I mean come on, this had to be included! I spend my time stalking MUA's instagrams trying to curb my shopping addiction but that never works and I only just end up buying more. 

4. Autumn/ Winter - I love this time of year and how its cosy and all the good events are starting to happen! Layering and drinking hot chocolates while watching hocus pocus, now that is life. 

5. Blogging & YouTube - I absolutely love writing this blog and although it may not be 'big' and well known I couldn't imagine me ever not doing this. As for YouTube even though I've just started I love it already and can't wait to film more videos!

6. Travelling - I've been very fortunate to see the world as much as I have but that's only made me want to see more. I would love to do an American road trip, get married in the Maldives and trek through Thailand. 

7. Cute dates - My boyfriend isn't the soppy type but he knows how to plan a good date I must say, from anything from a picnic to a weekend away at the Lake district. 

8. Shopping - The less I say about this the better.. I need to resist online shopping.. don't click new tab.

9. Friends - I only have a few really close friends but they honestly are the best, they support me in anything I choose to do and I couldn't not include them. I especially love how there also bloggers/ YouTuber's! Sarah, Katie.. I'm looking at you!

10.  Having plans - I get so excited when there's something to look forward to!


1. Spiders - This is so obvious but I couldn't not include them. They make my skin crawl and ever since one fell out of my jacket sleeve they creep me out even more. 

2. Being sick - Again another obvious one but it's just horrible! Crying for my mam is not something that I enjoy doing believe it or not. 

3. Being outside in the rain - There is nothing worse, especially when having to get public transport and then walking to uni. Even with an umbrella it still ruins hair and outfits!

4. Driving/ Learning to drive/ being in a car - This is something that makes me anxious and nauseous and the reason why I haven't yet started driving lessons. This is probably the thing I'm most scared of in the entire world.

5. Surprises - I hate not being prepared, knowing what I'm doing or what type of thing to wear so surprises are a no from me. 

6. People who 'say what they want' - This basically is people that we all know who just say whatever and don't really care that they offend people. There is a huge difference between saying it how it is and just being plain nasty. 

7. Feeling left out - I copied this one off Emily but it is a good one. There's nothing worse when all you want is to be friends with people yet whatever you do you always feel like the one that's left out or behind. The extra wheel to the friendship group.

8. Piercings/ Tattoos - By this I mean facial piercings and then random, shoddy jobbed tatts that look like a five year old has done them. 

9. Having to rush - There is nothing worse than being a girl and being rushed, we cant just shot some clothes on like boys do, there takes a lot of effort including hair and make up!

10. Mushrooms - One word sums this one up perfectly.. disgusting. 

I nominate:

Katie Atwell 

Paige, x

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