Tuesday, May 26

Cheap Treat Tuesday

Being totally obsessed with my powder highlighters I really wanted to branch out and try some cream/ stick ones! After just browsing on eBay I came across these, an unbranded one and then and Elf one! Elf is a brand I've never tried so I was so excited for this to come!

I'm not really fussy on what colour highlighter I use so I got one in gold and then another in a pink/ champagne colour. They're both absolutely gorgeous and so creamy and blendable. I literally take the stick and 'draw' on my face starting from my cheek below the outer corner of my eye and go in circular motions up to my temples. I then dab and blend all the product it and it creates the most prettiest glow. I put a little bit down my nose and on my cupids bow and my face suddenly lit up, especially seeing as though everything I was wearing was matte. 

Considering these were both eBay finds, the Sugar box face being £2 and the Elf one being £3 I cannot fault these at all! People are very quick to think that cheap online make up will be rubbish but I can assure you most of it isn't! Some things I even prefer to brands such as MAC and Urban Decay.

The Elf highlighter also smells like sweets which is such a bonus!

Paige, x

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