Tuesday, May 5

Cheap Treat Tuesday.. MAC Dupes

This weeks Cheap Treat Tuesday is something a little different, last week when I purchased some new MAC lipsticks I realised I already had a few lipsticks in my collection that were pretty close dupes! I thought that all of these close matches are relatively cheap and as their a match for a MAC product this is definitely a treat!

These are the lipsticks that I've found dupes for: 
Pink Plaid, Velvet Teddy, Pure Zen and Flamingo

And the dupes: 
Snob from Beauty UK, MUA shade 11, The Body Shop in shade 07 and MUA Juicy

MAC Pink Plaid + Snob from Beauty UK

Believe it or not this was my first ever high end lipstick and my first drugstore lipstick too. I cant believe its took me this long to notice how similar they are! They're both matte and both have that purple/ blue undertone and in my eyes exactly the same in every way.    

Velvet Teddy + MUA shade 11

Velvet Teddy with it being matte isn't my most favourite lipstick however shade 11 from MUA is one of my most favourite lipsticks! Shade 11 is very creamy and more pink toned instead of orange like the MAC one. With these I think their similar but not an exact match however when your only paying £1 compared to £15.50 then I think the MUA one is much, much nicer.

Pure Zen + The Body Shop in shade 07

With both of these are so incredibly creamy; Pure Zen is a cremesheen and shade 07 is just as creamy. They're both a very light pinky colour although shade 07 is a little darker. For these I do prefer Pure Zen just as its a nicer formulation and smells so good- unlike The Body Shop ones that smell so fake and plastic. 

Flamingo + MUA Juicy

With Flamingo I thought it was nothing like I had ever seen before.. until I swatched Juicy in Superdrug! Even though the MUA lipsticks are only £1 I really do prefer the MAC one. It's so sheer and for this colour I think its best that its like that. Juicy is a bit more intense and you can only really wear it lightly as its super pigmented. It's also more on the orange side instead of being more coral. 


Paige, x

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