Tuesday, May 12

Cheap Treat Tuesday - W7 Chubby Contour stick

When I was given a gift card for Boots for my birthday I instantly knew what I wanted - the Clinique Chubby Contour stick. After nearly a month of waiting for it to come back in stock I found this W7 version on eBay. As it was only £2.95 my original thought was that I could buy them both and compare them however I absolutely love this so I thought I may as well keep the gift card and find something else to buy! 

I've never tried anything from the W7 line before but I'd heard a lot about their primers and eye shadows and when I seen this I thought there couldn't possibly be any downfalls about this product. 

Its's pretty much exactly the same as the Clinique version although this ones more matte and not as creamy but I have no complaints about that. Contour is really in at the moment and I think its here to stay so I like to try my hand at a few different ways of doing it. This way however is the easiest and most effective, I literally just draw on my face and then buff in with my Expert face brush. 

I thought this might give a bit of a muddy look especially as its matte but it doesn't! It makes my skin look so glowy and my structure look so defined! I really recommend this product and cant wait to try more from their range! 

Paige, x

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