Sunday, November 1

Personalised Soap & Glory clean on me

After seeing on Facebook that a Soap & Glory photo booth was coming to my local Boots store and that you could personalise a bottle of clean on me shower gel I was so excited! I love personalised products and its even better when its a product that I love!

This was £6.50 and not free but I didn't mind as it was something cool and different and generally just something that I wouldn't be able to get again. 

The photo machine was everything you would imagine; pink with a canon camera and the choice of 'sassy', 'bubbly' or 'dreamer' as the heading for your photo. I do have to mention that the tech guy was amazingly good looking too- so you know, a bonus really. 

Both me and Sarah both chose 'Sassy' and then opted for the peace pose to give a bit of fun to it all. However me being me I did stick my photo on wonky and with air bubbles so it does look a bit messy but oh well! The only problem I have now is to chose wether to use it or keep it! 

Paige, x
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