Monday, November 16

No7 Skincare and Make up Haul!

As I mentioned in yesterdays post I went to a No7 Christmas event, we got multiple offers if we were to purchase some products so why not! 

At their event a lot of the products stood out to me so I jotted them down on the 'Christmas wishlist' so when we were able to go buy a few I knew what I wanted.

The first thing I picked up was the Radiance balm; its a shimmery liquid that you can wear on its own or under foundation. I've been having problems with my make up recently where I'm needing to be matte but not flat. I've worn this twice now and I'm loving it so far! When I first apply it I can't see any difference but when I put my foundation on then wow! My face looks so glowy and healthy and is exactly what I wanted!

I then also purchased the Pore Purifier which is basically a black head treatment. I know its gross to talk about but lots of people get blackheads as its natural, especially when you were makeup and have an oily t-zone like me! I've tried lots of different nose strips and exfoliators in the past but nothing has seemed to work.. except this! You squeeze out some gel onto to applicator and then just buff it into your problem areas. Within seconds after washing it off I noticed a huge difference so I would really recommend this!

As there was a 3 for 2 offer on I got the Eye Base for free, it looked pretty good when demonstrated and swatched however now that I have it I don't understand what it does. It says this can be used as a primer which I will do but it also says when used alone it gives the appearance of a bright and smooth eye area which I personally didn't notice any difference when I worn it. Looks like I'll have to play around with this and see if its any good as a primer!

What is your favourite product from No7?

Paige, x
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