Sunday, November 15

Boots No7 Christmas event!

When I seen an advertisement for a No7 Christmas event at my local Boots store I was so excited! Especially after loving the Clinique strobing event so much. 

Obviously Sarah came with me and so did our friend Kamilla, we had such a great night!

It was a 3 hour event which split between beauty and skincare and then time where we could grab some food and purchase some products. When we got to the event we were greeted with drinks and told to choose a side of the room to sit on. 

We chose skincare first and we got to learn a lot about what No7 has to offer and some hidden gems within their collection. There were demonstrations of the products including self tan, which looked amazing! Products were then passed around and we could make a 'Christmas wishlist' of everything we wanted. 

There was also a raffle on which was included in our ticket price and lucky enough Sarah won a Lancome fragrance!

We then grabbed some nibbles and moved to the beauty side where a gold to black smokey eye was being demonstrated. Although I loved the event I didn't feel like the 'make up artists' were any good and none of them knew roughly what price or shade anything was - which I would expect them to know. 

Surprisingly though nothing from the make up actually stood out to me which was a real shock, as I was mostly excited about the skin care!

We were also given a goody bag which were sometimes a bit hit and miss but I suppose I can't complain because they were free! 

This is what came in mine which I was pretty chuffed with! The nail varnishes are shades I would never use but everything else I really like. The golden eyeshadow has to be my favourite, its so pigmented and is exactly what I've been looking for! I also got a gold liquid highlight which I forgot to include.

Overall I enjoyed the event and I can't wait for their next one! Check out tomorrows post to see what I actually bought from the event! 

Paige, x
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