Tuesday, July 12

Mascara Heads Up!

If your like me and you find mascaras so tricky because they all smudge and go everywhere then you'll know what a hard decision you've got when it comes to making a purchase. To make it a bit clearer I've decided to round up a few that you might want to stay away from! 

Too Faced 
Better Than Sex 

This is my all time favourite mascara, but I just can't wear it. This smudges the worst out of all of them and its the most expensive too. Its worth mentioning however that I do sometimes wear another mascara or a clear coat over the top to sort of lock and seal it in place, sometimes this does work however often it doesn't. There is now a new waterproof version so that could be the solution!

Max Factor
2000 Calorie

This is probably the worst mascara I've ever tried. As you can see just looking from the brush, there looks like theres nothing on it! However even if you put a tiny coat on in roughly 15 minutes it will be all over your face! Again this has a waterproof version so if you've tried that please let me know what you think! 

The Falsies Push Up Drama

I was so excited to try this one and although this is such a fantastic mascara as it has such a wet formula the smudging is unbearable. I just can't seem to use this one at all, maybe if I let it sort of dry out a bit first then that might help! If you want a Maybelline alternative then the Lash Sensational is one I'd 100% recommend! 

If you know of any mascaras that smudge please let a girl know either in the comments or over on Twitter, I'm over at xPaigeAllan

Paige, x

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