Sunday, May 15

LIFESTYLE | Cocktails at The Nuthatch

After over a year of blogging I bring you my very first lifestyle post! 

On Friday I took a trip to The Nuthatch, a new micro cocktail bar in my hometown. I went with Sarah  (blog here) who I've mentioned before and our friend Kamila who were trying to persuade to start a lifestyle/travel blog!

After seeing all of the gorgeous pictures of not only the cocktails but the decor of the bar this was number 1 on our wish list of places to try out. Its located in a street full of small independent businesses; most of them being small micro bars and pubs. When we arrived the doorman told us how this was table service therefore they encourage making reservations, luckily he could seat us and I'm so glad because this will definitely be my favourite place to go! 

The menu specialises in creating your own gin drink and also has a wine and beer menu however we were just there for the cocktails! We all ordered a Passionfruit Martini to start with which was amazing. The cream on the stop was incredibly sweet although the drink was very sour, it was such a perfect combination! I also tried a bit of the passionfruit on top for the first time and I can say all night passionfruit was an ingredient I looked for on every single menu. 

I then thought I would try something else of the menu and opted for the Strawberry and Elderflower Bramble which contained gin! I'm not a big gin fan however I'll definitely be ordering this again.

Overall I really loved my trip to The Nuthatch and they should expect to see me again soon!

Paige, x

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