Monday, February 23

John Frieda ● Frizz Ease perfect finish

Ever have those fly aways? Baby hair? Does your hair look like a poodle with the tiniest bit of humidity? This is the product for you!

My mam picked this up a few months ago and when I tried it out I literally fell in love with it! Nothing I have ever used before has done a job as good as this. My baby hairs are completely untamable.. unless I use this product. So I just had to go purchase one for myself!

It is a little on the pricey side- or so I think but its honestly so worth it and a little really does go a long way. At boots its £6.29 although I'm sure I paid about £8 for it. If you get it at boots though you can collect points, which I always think you may as well so then when you've got a reasonable amount you can purchase something you really want or want to try out!

This is designed to be used on dry hair and advised only 1 pump should do although I do half that in fear of my hair looking a bit greasy! Its totally up to you though and you can use it all over your hair not only at the roots. 

Paige x
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