Sunday, February 22

Body shop lipstick haul!

A few weeks ago I went to York designer outlet and stumbled into the Body Shop, which usually I never really go in. I wasn't interested in any of the 'body' products but thought I'd give their makeup a look seen as though many of my friends love the blushes and brushes! 

They were having a sale on some of the lipsticks so I thought I would test a few and see how I got on with them. First of all I knew I wanted an orange lipstick but seen as though I've never tried orange I didn't want to pay MAC prices for something I would of ended up hating. All the lipsticks were £4 so I tested a few and came across this gorgeous orange one, its incredibly pigmented and creamy and its not too bold or too subtle, just the perfect orange! 

Another lipstick I was looking for was a purple, I used to own the most gorgeous purple one from MUA and every time I go to repurchase it sadly its never there. When I seen this its super bold but buildable so I would be able to create a sheer purple lip or go all out and do a super dark lip! I was really excited about this one even though I've yet to wear it.

My favourite is the mauve pink colour! When I swatched this in the shop it was so creamy and that's why I loved it, however I got home and when I opened it was really hard and was quite stiff. I didn't give up and swatched it hard on my hand, after that it seemed to be creamy and now its one of my favourite lipsticks! It changes colour slightly every time I apply it but its always such a gorgeous, girly pink! I'm going to do a favourite nude lipstick post soon so this might crop up in that!

I'm definitely never going to avoid the Body Shop again!

Paige xo
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