Tuesday, December 6

Stocking Filler Ideas #2

Seeing as my first Stocking Filler Idea post (read here) went down so well I thought I would do a second edition. Again the products are all drugstore but these are even cheaper than the last! 

I thought I would go through my collection again and pick out some products that any girl will love!

Freedom Pro Single Shadows

At only £2 these are a complete bargain, plus they're so unbelievably pigmented! Theres so much choice too in terms of both colours and finishes, so there is something for every taste. You can even buy highlighters, blushers and contour shades and put them all in a palette with a really handy mirror.

Barry M Dazzle Dust

This is probably the most perfect time to buy a dazzle dust, I mean whats better than sparkles and glitter at Christmas time? These come in so many different colours too wether your into bright shades or neutrals. This is such a perfect little stocking filler idea! 

Maybelline Colour Tattoo

These colour tattoos are perfect for any makeup lover, they come in plenty of shades and formulas so again are perfect for everyone. Most of the shades are really dark christmassy shades so what better time than to give them to someone this time of year?! These can also double up as an eye primer too!

Maybelline Master Contour Stick

Everyone knows how much contours been in, especially this year and one of my favourite forms of contouring is definitely cream! This stick which can be used for both contouring and highlighting makes the perfect gift, getting them to try something new!

Makeup Obsession Single Shadows

Just like the Freedom shadows these again are single shadows. They have the same concept and you can also purchase highlighters, blushers, contour shades and even strobe balms to all fit into a nice little palette. The only difference is these come in individual cases, meaning they'd perhaps be a little nicer to open and you can buy a ROSE GOLD palette! 

Primark Ps Pro Lip Scrub

With liquid lipsticks being a massive trend recently this is something that all girls need and you can't go wrong with. Girls love lip balm and this is just taking it to that extra level so they can look after their lips some more.

L-R: Contour shade, Highlight shade, Makeup Obsession, Makeup Obsession, Freedom, Freedom, Maybelline Colour Tattoo, Barry M Dazzle Dust

Are you getting a stocking this year? What would you love to see in it?

Paige, x

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