Monday, December 5

MUA Skin Define Hydro Primer

Anything hydrating and I'm there, it doesn't matter if its a foundation, concealer or primer. I'll do anything I can to keep my skin hydrated and nourished so when I seen this I just had to pick it up and try it out. 

When your base is down then your whole makeup just looks incredible so its really important to me to try as many different primers as I can so I can find whats right for me. 

I'd spotted this and it really intrigued me, the formulation alone is just fascinating and I've tried nothing similar. I picked this up for £5 in Superdrug and although £5 for a MUA product is a little expensive I thought that the benefits it would have just outweigh the price. 

The consistency, which you can see clearly below is a weird watery, jelly like texture. Its bouncy to the touch however when you scoop some out its just like a watery formula which blends really nice onto the skin. It also sinks in pretty quickly and whilst you can instantly tell its hydrated your skin it also feels tacky which is great and obviously what you want in a primer.

When I first tried this on the back of my hand I noticed a difference straight away, the fine lines had almost disappeared and the whole appearance of my hand looked really healthy and hydrated. However when I did come to use this on my face it was turning my foundation into a slippery mess. I looked incredibly greasy and oily and it just wasn't working. 

I have now tried it with a few different foundations, those that are matte it works best with. If you suffer from dry patches being visibly noticeable then definitely check this out as it will really help with that problem! 

Overall I do really like this but only with the correct foundation- which most of the time is matte. Although that sounds like I can only use this some of the time, its actually a really great find as now I can wear any formula of foundation! 

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Paige, x

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