Sunday, January 3

NEW IN: Charlotte Tilbury

With my Christmas money I decided to purchase some really luxurious makeup and something which I wouldn't usually buy if it was my own money. I chose the brand Charlotte Tilbury as thats the most high end brand I could think of that I actually wanted to try.

When it arrived it was so beautifully packaged and I couldn't be any more excited, however I was unfortunately disappointed.


The packing of Charlotte Tilbury products has to be one of my favourites, its not black or sleek looking like I usually like yet it still screams luxury. I love the burgundy/ purple touches and her logo but my favourite has to be the lipsticks. Who possibly couldn't like the packaging? However I wish they were a little more heavy to really feel luxurious. 


Obviously this has a higher price point than say MAC and your talking £23 for the lipstick and £30 for the blusher. I personally feel like this is very steep and considering the quality, it really isn't great. Considering the price I expected everything would be perfect and worth the price tag however I much rather prefer drug store products in comparison. 


Lipstick - For lipstick I went with the shade Penelope Pink which I imagine would be some sort of pink whether that be a nude toned pink or brown toned but its neither. When I applied this I actually checked the bottom of the lipstick thinking they'd sent the shade Nude Kate. This is incredibly nude and a nude that doesn't really suit me. Its definitely more on the beige side instead of pink. 
On the Charlotte Tilbury website both the swatches and YouTube video show it as a completely different colour which quite frankly annoys me. The finish of this lipstick is pretty much matte which I also wasn't expecting, its quite dry too and appears quite flat looking. For everything Charlotte states this lipstick to be its in fact the opposite. 

Blusher (Cheek to Chic) - I've been really getting into face products recently and after loving MAC's Melba and Warm Soul I imagined this would be perfect for me. This is in the shade First Love but I don't think it matters because it doesn't show up at all. No matter how manny times I tried to apply this no product shows up. This was not what I was expecting from a £30 blusher!

Overall I'm so disappointed and can now say I won't be a Charlotte Tilbury customer again. 

Paige, x
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