Monday, January 4

ColourPop Liquid Lipsticks

ColourPop is a brand that all us UK girls want to try so badly so I bit the bullet and paid the eBay prices!

 Liquid lipsticks are something we don't really have in England and I wanted to try them desperately! I picked up 3 liquid lipsticks and then a Lippie stix which I couldn't recommend enough!

First of all the packaging is just incredible. You really wouldn't think this is a drugstore product. From everything from the holographic text, clear type and silver lid its just stunning. The forumala I can't really complain about seeing as they are cheap (or for everyone in America!) but it did flake off throughout the day. Although as soon as I noticed I just applied more and it was fine. It is very matte but I don't feel like it shows imperfections that much. I have the worst most dry and cracked lips yet you couldn't tell when wearing these!

(Midi, Beeper, Trap) - With the flash off Beeper is in its true shade, all others are true to colour when the flash is on.

Beeper: This is such a deep chocolate brown shade, which I really didn't expect! It reminds me of what True Brown K from the Kylie Lip Kit would look like! I need to play around with really smokey eyes to see if this will work for me!

Midi: This is a light pinky beige with again a matte finish. Its also such a wearable every day shade.

Trap: This is more of a grey nude/ taupe colour. Its very unique but I really like how different it is. This also has a bit of purple within it too!

Cookie: This is a lippie six and they are one of my all time favourite lip products. I already have the shade Lumiere which I did a review on here. I seen KathleenLights talk about this shade and I couldn't wait to try it. Like I said in the review of the Lumiere shade is that I wanted to try a nude shade, so here it is!

This has a matte finish but is the most creamiest matte I've ever tried. There is no wonder why these are so popular and I really recommend everyone to try them. As for the colour this is such a gorgeous nude shade yet still suits my skin tone. It has a bit of a brown undertone too which is SO in right now. (Unfortunately I can't seem to find it now I need to take photos!)

I love ColourPop I just wish it was more accessible in the UK!

Paige, x
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