Sunday, October 11

I ♡ Makeup Lip Lava // Review

Makeup Revolution is a brand that I have a few things from but haven't really experimented with any of the products. When I seen these Lip Lava's I couldn't believe how incredibly similar they were to the Too Faced liquid lipsticks! 


I love the colour scheme of the boxed packaging its so cute and girly and just very me! I like how its detailed yet straight to the point letting you know what shade the lipstick is and whats in it. 

I was most excited for the actual dispenser (totally not going to pretend like I know what its called!) and how it's like a furry applicator! It's so unique and like nothing I've tried before!


I picked this up for about £6 which is actually more than if you were to buy this from the Makeup Revolution website however I wanted it straight away so purchased it through eBay. However thats still incredibly cheap compared to the Too Faced ones and these are the only ones on the market!


Firstly the colour is Forgiven, which is incredibly similar to Velvet Teddy from MAC just a little more peach toned. It's so creamy and not drying in the slightest, it lasts all day and even after a few hours still has that buttery texture.

Paige, x

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