Monday, October 12

Born Pretty Review

When I was contacted by the lovely Joy from the Born Pretty store asking if I would like to review some products I absolutely jumped at the chance. Born Pretty is a store which I actually have purchased things from in the past, mainly for my Cheap Treat Tuesday posts so I knew you would all love to have a read of this! 

The first item I chose was this make up brush; its basically a flat top kabuki that can be used to buff foundation or concealer into the skin. I already have a few of these and I really recommend them! They're a dupe for the sigma ones too I believe! 

What I love most about this brush is just how soft it is yet its dense enough to do the job. It doesn't create any harsh brush lines either which is just great. 

This is incredibly cheap and you can use it for almost anything! I sometimes use this to buff my cream highlight and contour in which gives me that glowy airbrush look.

I then chose a lipgloss as I don't really have too many so I thought it would be good to give it a go. I was surprised when this arrived at the colour and how bright it was but nevertheless I tried it on and it comes out more of a pale milkshake pink which is stunning! 

The consistency is lovely with this too, it isn't sticky nor clumpy or anything you would expect from a budget lipgloss. I'd definitely check this out and it comes in plenty of shades too!

If you are wanting to purchase something from the store you can use my discount code PAIH10 to get yourself 10% off! Or click the banner at the side > 

Paige, x
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