Monday, March 14

Freedom Pro Melts D-ream

While browsing my local Freedom stand in Superdrug I came across these Pro Melts lipsticks/ lipgloss! I was immediately drawn to the colour and when I swatched it I knew I had to have it.

Firstly these lip products are described as a "melted lipstick formula lip gloss" which really confused me at first. When applied they go on like a thick unshiny lipgloss however they settle down a bit to look like a creamy lipstick. Just when I thought they couldn't get any better it dried matte! So essentially we have a liquid lipstick!

I absolutely love the formula of this too. Its a very thick consistency but I liked that- it left me feeling like I was getting my moneys worth and the product wasn't 'cheap' especially with the amount of pigmentation it gave. It only needed one layer of application too which shows how pigmented they are! Seeing as its described as a lip gloss and a lipstick its not sticky in the slightest which is a bonus. When its dried down to its matte finish it doesn't go patchy and doesn't rub off in pieces like I've seen other matte lippies do.

However what I love about this the most is the colour! This is in the shade D-ream and is a lovely nudey pink colour. I think this would suit so many skintones and you could always pair it with a brown lipliner to tone it down a little if its not your thing! 

I can't wait to see if there are any more shades like this from the range as they'll be added to my cart straight away! 

Paige, x
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