Friday, August 1

A little green box..

Okay so I think everyone knows what a little green box means.. TIFFANY & CO.

On my 18th birthday after already opening some little presents I started to get ready to go for a meal with my family at a local Italian restaurant. At the end of the night I got my cake.. although it wasn't the triple chocolate giant cupcake my mam made me. It was a Tiffany box cake, I was so confused until I turned around and in front of me was a little green box all tied up with ribbon. I was so surprised I didn't even want to open it because I knew how overwhelmed I would be. 

Finally after opening it I just fell in love, this really means something and will be a special piece of jewelry I will treasure forever. Its a small pendant on a short chain and sits roughly in the middle of your collar bones. I think its perfect and will be forever greatful for this amazing gift. 

So here it is!

Paige x

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